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Was it really only a year ago? In the momentary pause I had a flash of perspective, and mused on our voyage of discovery. It seemed so much longer, so much had changed. Three years since we married, about two since we began watching porn together, online. It was innocently naughty at first, but became part of sex, almost a routine. When we got interested, we would grin silently, and go to the computer, watch porn, and get hot. It stimulated us, inspired hot sex. We started doing stuff we saw, facials, anal, even creampies. A little bit more each time. Each thing we saw made us try something new; each thing we tried made us look for another thing. And the day came that we saw the video of a woman, bound and tied and tortured, abused. That was a year ago.

Mona was inspired that night, and afterwards, I had asked her what had gotten into her. She kind of blushed before admitting that the helpless woman, being abused like that, had struck something inside her. The next night we looked for more videos like that, and she wanted me to tie her up. I used neckties, and pinched her nipples harder than usual. It was a harmless first attempt, one we didn't recognize then as the beginning of a journey. It was a small step.

The memory of our humble beginnings ran through my head quickly in the moments it took the servants to move Mona's face over mine, on my left side. I had a glimpse of her bound tits, swollen and red, as they disconnected the chains from the ceiling and clamped them behind her neck, maintaining the strain on her nipple clamps. I never saw Mistress's hand, so her slap rocked my head, jarring my teeth against the "O" clamp that held my mouth open. Refocused, I saw her glaring in hostility and disdain, and felt her fingers at the loose skin of my scrotum. She pinched and tugged, hard.

"Eyes on me, bitch," she scolded me, even as I wailed for her pleasure. The pain shot through me, overwhelming my humiliation and debasement. I breathed heavily through my nose, tears spilling from my eyes. "Enjoy this, slut. See what we make your wife do tonight!"

Before settling Mona's chin on my open mouth, Mona's Master had them strap my head in place, immobilizing me. Mona's eyes caught mine for just a second, the fiery glaze of lust in her eyes shining hotly through the sheen of cum covering her face. Her arms were bound behind her, forcing otele gelen escort her chest forward, and the only contact to me was her breasts pressing against my arm, and her chin resting at my open mouth. Her mascara ran in broad stripes down her cheeks, and cum from her facials began dripping into my open mouth. I groaned, and swallowed.

I struggled to keep my body still; even strapped to the bench with my legs up and out, Mistress's stern pounding of her huge strap-on in my ass shook me, and the vibrations shook more of the cum from Mona's face, dangling in waving strings from her nose and eyebrows, dripping onto my face and into my mouth. The servants finished and stepped back. Mona was not secured in place, but she would not move. She would obey, and willingly hold still.

Mistress took a long hard plunge into my rectum as the hand that had slapped me grasped my cock, hard and eager from the punishment I had endured this evening. I remembered the first time Mona had penetrated my ass, some months after that first tied-up evening. We'd tried other things by then, breast binding, spanking, face fucking, ass licking. Taking turns tying and being tied. We'd started with fingers, then a slim dildo. Small steps, incremental progress. From that first video, to this. So far from the fat, foot-long monster Mistress was stretching me with tonight. My hips, slightly elevated, pointed my rock-hard cock at my face, drooling with pre-cum. I dared not allow my eyes to drift down to see myself; I fixed my gaze on Mistress, glaring at me from behind Mona's cum-drenched profile. She looked so beautiful, so perfect, so fulfilled and desired, and my hunger for her panged painfully in my chest, knowing what she felt, and feeling it just as strongly as she did.

My love for her was interrupted by her Master, who approached my head from the right side then, extending his erect cock over my face. I watched Mona's mouth open without hesitation, jaw stretched open, upper lip stretched over her teeth, tongue out and flat, waiting dutifully. She accepted his phallus into her mouth as he moved closer, holding her head still. This was new. Another small step forward. The familiar feeling of elation at crossing another boundary rushed through me, filling me with shame and alarm and desire.

Slowly her Master's thick mecidiyeköy escort shaft slid into her open maw, I watched from below as she took it, watched him slowly insert himself into her face, her lips just brushing his delicate skin. Halfway in she coughed, but didn't move her head; he pushed further, and she gagged, then retched, and still he pushed. I sensed her forcing her head forward against the intrusion, her chin pressing on the edge of my mouth, holding herself still against the pressure as he pushed into her throat. She coughed again, and thick spittle blew out around his shaft, settling on my face, dripping into my mouth below her.

I felt my ass tighten as Master's ball sack touched my cheek. I gripped Mistress's toy with my anal muscles, and she felt the resistance. "Oh, you like this new humiliation, bitch?" I pleaded for mercy with my eyes, but knew I would find none; this was why we were here. Master began pulling back, allowing Mona air, then pushed back in, slapping my cheek with his ball sack. He was going to face fuck Mona, right there above my face. I could smell his cock, feel the heat from his pulsing tool as he pushed roughly into Mona's mouth, hearing her choke, feeling her accept, and dutifully cooperate, holding her face where they had placed it, knowing I was inches below, being covered in the servant's cum that dripped from her.

Her Master had no need to hold her head still; she would do that. He picked up the pace then, pushing himself all the way in, then pulling out, fucking my wife's open mouth. Strings of Spittle and cum flew from her lips onto my face. So degrading, so wonderful. My wife, the willing mouth whore. I remembered the first time she suggested getting another person involved. We had enjoyed our little steps, taking turns submitting to each other. She had just dripped her creampie into my mouth, and then kissed me. "Wouldn't it be perfect," she'd hissed as me, "if we could both submit at the same time." Another small step, another incremental movement forward. To this. On my back, having my ass pounded while my wife was face fucked above my open mouth.

Master's cockhead forced air into her throat, and spit blew out through her nose. She was a beautiful mess, my submissive wife, lost in her delirium of obedience, used for the pleasure of others. I wondered if she reminisced of türkmen escort our humble beginnings as well, or was she completely absorbed in the moment? But I was distracted by Master's voice.

"Now," he said. He placed a hand on Mona's head.

I felt the shaft pulled from my ass, leaving me empty and hungry, the cool air entering my gaping cavity. The strap was pulled from my waist and my hips were lifted up of the bench, my legs pulled straight up in the air. Mistress grabbed my cock, and shoved fingers in my ass, stroking my prostate as the stroked my cock. I groaned at the instantaneous pleasure, and felt my orgasm crest immediately. She squeezed my cock, and my first blast launched from me in a voluminous explosion, splashing against Mona's nose, and dripping into my mouth. I wailed my climax as my cock pulsed its juices up at Mona even as Master loosed his own load into her mouth. He grunted silently, but was only halfway in her mouth; I could see the pulses in his shaft as he filled her. Still Mona held her position, her eyes looking adoringly up at her Master as he gave her his reward. Cum began to spill from her lips, hot and slimy, dripping down to her chin, and into my mouth.

Just for fun, we had watched a video, then another, Then tried one thing, then another. Then a little pinching, some restraints, then some spanking. Small steps. Baby steps, into this. Accepting her Master's cum from my wife's mouth as I shot my load into her face, fingers in my eager ass.

"Finish." Master said, and pulled his cock from Mona's mouth, and the massive glob of cum poured forth, filling my open mouth. She was a cum receptacle, a waterfall of semen. So humiliating, so degrading. I swallowed, feeling the difference in the heat from the cooling jizz that dripped from her face.

"Fucking cum whores, the both of you," Mistress sneered, and pulled her hand from my ass. My hips were lowered back down, and the servants took their place on my right, where Master had been.

"They are wonderful," he told his wife. "They will do anything." Mona held her face still in position above me, having not been told to move. I waited, wondering if we were done, or if there was something more. From the corner of my eye I saw he servants remove their cocks from their pants, at some silent signal from Master.

"Next time," Mistress told him wrapping her arm around his waist and leaning her head on his shoulder, "we should have her gangbanged, and then I'll fist her, and feed him the cum from my hand." My body trembled at the vision of our next debasement as the servants began to piss in Mona's face.

One more small, incremental step.
15 Mayıs 2024, at 18:58

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